Can you make a career in coffee?

From production to consumption, there are millions of people working in coffee and hundreds of different types of work. As an industry, it has the potential to provide significant employment opportunities throughout your working life. We know this because they spend three months in our academy training. They make fantastic beverages and ensure that we offer excellent coffee standards every day.

You have to be skillful and lively, and there are plenty of opportunities to progress. If you want to dedicate yourself to coffee because you are a coffee “geek”, I recommend that you find another reason why you want to dedicate yourself to coffee, or simply that you keep coffee as a beautiful hobby. The best part of all of this is that you don't have to give up your current career completely and dive headlong into a new career in coffee. If you're looking for a barista career industry, consider how you can contribute to the discourse and how you can promote the advancement of Specialty.

By demonstrating your enthusiasm and being open to new experiences, you can open the door to the next level of your career. Careers are based on professional development beyond your interests and abilities, so think about what you want to develop for yourself and those around you. Everyone wants a “life hack” or a “quick fix” today, but you can't “hack life”, a career in coffee, or a career in anything really. I don't agree, coffee is an absolutely qualified workforce, which benefits it as a profession that can be open to everyone.

So for those looking to start a career in coffee, or change their career path to include coffee, let me ask you a few questions and see if you're dedicated to it in the long term. It is this change in attitude and expectations that has helped the barista profession go from being a filler job for college students to a caffeine-driven career. Specialty coffee shops employ workers who are passionate about their craft and see it as an end in itself, not as a route to the career of their dreams. Keeping up to date on global trends and innovations and connecting with the wider community can help you advance your career.

Find out what you can bring to the community, as well as where you feel most comfortable building a career. The Coffee Career Center provides job applicants, internship candidates and employers with a comprehensive, personalized resource for online work connections. Success didn't come quickly for me, I was broke, I was struggling, and time and time again I was overlooked by professional development and growth for most of my career. Working in the coffee industry has been considered an intermediate job, something you would do to finish college or to help increase the sporadic income from an acting career.

Benjamín Arrand
Benjamín Arrand

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