Breaking into the Coffee Industry: A Guide for Aspiring Roasters

Are you passionate about coffee and looking to break into the industry? Becoming a coffee roaster is a great way to turn your love of coffee into a career. But how do you get started?Most coffee roasters begin their journey as apprentices to a master roaster. An online search for “job training for coffee roasters” is a great place to start when looking for opportunities to work with a professional. On-the-job training in coffee production is invaluable when it comes to making coffee roasting a viable career option.

In addition to connecting with customers online, don't forget to take your network out on the street. Talk to your friends and neighbors about your brand of coffee and visit local coffee shops that might be interested in serving you. Word of mouth is an incredibly powerful marketing tool that business owners often overlook, but it can be one of the best ways to build valuable connections. Not only is it necessary to have knowledge about coffee, but it is also essential to manage relationships and transactions between the producer and the roaster.

Different customers will also have different concerns when it comes to the taste and quality of their coffee. In addition to these strategies, coffee roasting companies should also emphasize the supply of freshly roasted coffee. Business owners who want to learn how to roast without paying for formal classes can apply to work as profile roasters at a local coffee roasting company. While some professions rely on long-established training and education programs, the coffee community in general, and specialty coffee in particular, are still in the early stages of formalizing educational programs.

Your website will be your storefront, so you should design it with the same care you would dedicate to decorating a physical coffee shop. Choosing an e-commerce platform is the most important part of having a successful online business. Selling coffee online can be a great way to take advantage of this consumer trend, as well as an economical way to get started in the industry. If your company has more than one roaster, they probably have that secondary person who makes and moves green coffee in batches. While corporate chains account for the majority of the business, more independent roasting companies and coffee shops are opening every day. The amount of time spent in the field (no pun intended) depends on how much coffee the roaster needs to maintain production.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and a passion for java, selling coffee online can be a lucrative and rewarding business. From helping buyers purchase green beans to blending and packaging, coffee roasters manage quality control at every step of the process. The challenge of evaluating different coffees in the roasting and tasting process is what makes them wake up every morning.

Benjamín Arrand
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