Which 5 skills do you need to work in a coffee shop?

When you start working in a coffee shop, one of the skills you have to learn is communication. In the coffee shop environment, you will meet different personalities. You'll need to work with colleagues and clients who are new to you. You have to learn to communicate with every colleague and client for things to flow smoothly.

There are colleagues who can perceive a certain tone as an order. There are customers who will be eagerly waiting to hear your words to detect any form of rudeness. So, you have to learn the best language, tone, etc. Of course, you'll also have the privilege of setting your schedule and being your boss, especially in the coffee shop industry; but the potential to make money will either make you good or ruin it.

For example, if the coffee machine doesn't work and you can't serve it instantly, use marketing language to convince them to buy something else you're selling at the coffee shop, such as a travel mug. To work as a barista, you need strong customer service skills and the ability to work independently and with a team in a fast-paced environment. This is to take advantage of the time before fixing the coffee machine and not losing the customer in another coffee shop. This is a list of more customer service skills for resumes, cover letters, job applications, and interviews.

Below are the essential skills you need to learn to adapt well to any coffee shop and be the reason why the coffee shop increases its sales. People who practice this profession must have a specific range of skills that help them with all aspects of business management. These machines will require regular maintenance to make sure they work or, rather, prepare good coffee for their customers. Working in a coffee shop requires excellent communication skills that, in turn, can help you manage, train and learn people more effectively.

Consider the main skills listed here (and the main skills included in the job offer) during the interview, and be prepared to give examples of how you have exemplified each of them. There are also coffee machines that coffee shops buy and that can be difficult to use. Carefully read the job offer if you need any technical skills, be prepared to provide evidence of your knowledge.

Benjamín Arrand
Benjamín Arrand

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